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CBD Hemps Biopharma Night Cream

CBD Hemps Biopharma Night Cream

A potent overnight skincare solution infused with premium CBD for rejuvenating hydration and replenishment. Wake up to refreshed, revitalized skin with this nourishing formula, delivering radiant results with every use.

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  • CBD Hemps Biopharma Night Cream - Dr.Smoke Malagà

    CBD Night Moisturizing Face Cream

    Hemps Bio Pharma night moisturizing cream is specially designed to take advantage of the skin's natural regenerative process during the night. CBD, known for its calming and anti-inflammatory properties, is combined with marine collagen to offer intensive care and restore vitality and radiance to the skin.

  • The combined power of CBD and marine collagen for your daily care

    Marine collagen, an essential protein for maintaining the elasticity and structure of the skin, complements the properties of CBD to offer an intensive repairing and rejuvenating action. This powerful combination helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles, improves skin firmness and provides deep hydration.

    Suitable for all skin types 

    With its THC and paraben-free formula, this cream guarantees irritation-free care, even for the most sensitive skin. The soft and creamy texture of this night cream penetrates deeply into the skin, offering nutrition and regeneration throughout the night.

    Benefits of CBD Night Moisturizer for the night

    CBD : Helps calm and reduce inflammation, balances the skin and regulates sebum production, ideal for problematic skin.

    Marine collagen : Promotes the elasticity and firmness of the skin, combats sagging and prevents the appearance of wrinkles and expression lines.

    Soft texture : Penetrates deeply into the skin, providing long-lasting and deep hydration without a greasy feeling.

    Without THC and parabens : Take care of your skin safely, without the risk of irritation or psychoactive effects.

    How to use night moisturizing cream with cannabidiol correctly?

    1. Clean your face well using your usual facial cleanser.

    2. If you regularly use a facial serum, apply it before the cream.

    3. Take an appropriate amount of CBD night moisturizer.

    4. Apply to the face and neck with upward and circular movements, ensuring complete absorption.

    5. Leave it on overnight to make the most of its regenerative benefits.

    Recommended for all skin types , especially those looking for an intensive night treatment. When you wake up, your skin will feel rested, rejuvenated and visibly firmer.

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