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Golden Pollen CBD

Golden Pollen CBD



Golden Pollen, a cannabis treasure, dazzles with its vibrant hue and rich, honeyed aroma. This resinous delight promises a euphoric journey, encapsulating the essence of sun-kissed bliss. A golden gateway to an elevated experience for cannabis enthusiasts seeking a truly exceptional encounter.

Honey Bliss

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  • Our Golden Hash CBD

    The Golden Hash is a CBD pollen extracted from flowers cultivated indoors in the canton of Valais. It has a powdery texture and emits a delightful, slightly fruity aroma that tantalizes the taste buds. Its distinct clear brown color is the inspiration behind its "Golden" name.

  • Golden CBD Resin: Relaxing CBD Effects

    The Golden CBD is a premium-quality CBD resin that provides a relaxing experience, making it ideal for unwinding at the end of the day to alleviate daily stress.
    Immerse yourself in an olfactory journey with our Golden Pollen CBD from Dr.Smoke and discover the rich spectrum of aromas and cannabinoids offered by this ancient form of production and the art of trichome separation. This process pays homage to traditional techniques that evoke the essence of the Middle East.

  • How is Golden Pollen CBD made?

    Plants of the highest quality: To craft this exquisite CBD Golden Pollen, the finest Sativa L cannabis plants are utilized, grown in top-tier greenhouses in Italy. The cultivation process avoids the use of herbicides and chemical fertilizers to ensure the purity and quality of the final product.
    Manual Extraction: Traditionally, Golden Pollen CBD is harvested manually. Cannabis plants are gently tapped on a flat surface, causing the trichomes to detach and fall from the plant.
    Mesh sieving: Dried cannabis flowers and leaves are sieved through a series of screens with varying thicknesses. As the plant material is shaken or rubbed against the meshes, the trichomes break off and fall through the holes.
    Highest purity: In some cases, Golden Pollen CBD can be classified into different grades based on trichome size and the presence of plant material. Sieves of different microns are used to classify the pollen into various quality grades.

  • The golden color is synonymous with the highest quality!

    High-quality Golden Pollen CBD is characterized by its bright golden color, resembling gold leaf. The exact shade may vary depending on the cannabis strain and trichome maturity at the time of collection.

  • Natural and authentic Golden Pollen aroma

    Golden Pollen CBD is distinguished by its robust and multifaceted aromatic profile. Upon opening the container, you'll experience a deep, earthy aroma—a tribute to the fertile soil from which these precious resins originate. This earthy note harmoniously blends with a slightly sweet base, floral undertones, and citrus touches reminiscent of the aromas of the Middle East.

  • Regulatory Note

    It's crucial to be aware of diverse regulations concerning the use of CBD and related products, as regulations may vary between countries. Adhering to local regulations and following manufacturer recommendations is essential for responsible and lawful usage.
    None of the products mentioned are intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. Products sold by Dr. Smoke are not substitutes for medical treatments recommended by licensed professionals. Each product is accompanied by its own set of warnings, indicating permissible usage in accordance with applicable laws. It is imperative to stay informed about local regulations and guidelines regarding the use of cannabinoids to ensure a safe and compliant experience.

  • How should I smoke CBD?

    As with traditional marijuana, CBD flower can be crumbled and rolled inrolling paper or vaporized using a volcano. However, although thispractice is common in many other countries in the European Union, insome countries human consumption of CBD flowers is restricted, so itsmain use is ornamental and aromatic.

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